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How to buy the perfect gaming chair? 3 Things to consider

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How to buy the perfect gaming chair- 3 things to consider

How to buy the perfect gaming chair?

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? Do I Really Need One?

More and more of us are drowning in the stress of everyday life. In today’s world, many of us consider video games to be an island paradise where we can relax and take a break from everyday life. Many games, especially the more popular ones, can engage us in unimaginable ways, causing us to spend hours trying to unlock new features, level up or complete different missions. 

The possibilities are endless, and in the game, you feel like the “master”... Until you realize how much time you’ve spent sitting down. It’s normal after a long session to feel cramps, back and neck pain, and even discomfort in your arms.


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Proper posture, the height of the chair, the inclination of the backrest and many other aspects of sitting may seem trivial to you, but they’re more important than you think. By sitting poorly and slouching, you compress all your organs and don’t allow your lungs to work to their full capacity, reducing the amount of oxygen flowing into your bloodstream. Not to mention the painful muscle contractions that usually follow. 

The remedy for these issues is simple. If you plan to put heart and time into the gamer world, then get a specialized gamer chair.

What Makes The Perfect Gaming Chair?

Let’s start by looking at what makes the perfect gaming chair. When you’re choosing a new gaming chair, there is a huge list of factors to consider – some more important than others.


One important factor to consider when choosing a gaming chair is how comfortable it is. Chances are you’re going to be parking your behind in it for a good chunk of time, so you need to make sure it’s providing enough comfort, so you can focus on gaming rather than the creeping numbness in your backside.

Gaming chairs have been built with comfort in mind – manufacturers are well aware that us gamers have no time limit when it comes to smiting the Alliance in WoW, or blundering through battle royales in Fortnite. This ties in with ergonomics.

Does the chair have enough lumbar support? Is it designed for someone of your height and build? Are the armrests adjustable? There are a lot of ergonomic factors that can harm your alignment when you’re sitting down. Gaming chairs are meant to combat these and keep you comfortable for as long as possible.


materials of a chair

When it comes to gaming chairs, you’re going to be looking at the three most popular material options: leather, fabric, and mesh. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks, so this will all come down to personal preference.

Leather – Leather is best for aesthetics, as well as being easy to clean, thanks to its easy to wipe texture. But it’s often less durable as it’s usually PU instead of genuine leather.

Fabric – Fabric is usually more comfortable and more durable than leather or mesh gaming chairs.  Although you may find it’s a lot more difficult to keep a fabric gaming chair looking clean and fresh, as stains will set more easily, and you can’t usually wipe them down.

Mesh – Mesh definitely isn’t winning any beauty contests. However, thanks to its high level of breathability it does a better job of keeping you cool and sweat-free as you play – and the lightweight material can often be a positive for some.


If you’re buying a gaming chair, chances are you care about your gaming setup aesthetic. So style really does play an important part in the selection process. We’ll delve a little deeper into the different styles of gaming chairs further down. But the most common types are PC gaming chairs, racer chairs, rockers, and pedestal gaming chairs.

Deciding which design will work best for your gaming style, and how you plan to use it, will make choosing the perfect gaming chair much easier.


Finally, we have durability. Gaming chairs are, historically, pretty expensive. So, you want to make sure you’re going to get as much life out of it as possible. The durability of a chair is impacted by a few different factors: the material, construction, style, and usage.

Fabric chairs tend to be the most durable material, and PC gaming chairs usually outlive the other styles. But how you use it, and how you care for it are just as important. Take the time to learn how best to keep your chair in tip-top condition, and you’ll extend the lifespan quite considerably with very minimal effort.


Every gaming chair is different, and they all come with different features. A lot of chairs come with speakers in the headrest so you can really immerse yourself in the gaming experience. Others come with holders for controllers or other accessories. While others have more customization options when it comes to the setup. Deciding which of these added extras are the most important to you is vital when narrowing down your list of possible chair choices.


Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Many people today have to spend a large number of hours in front of the computer or using computer devices. Whether for leisure or work, it is common to spend several hours operating computers and consoles. In this context, we understand the rise of gaming chairs or youtube chairs. A gaming chair may be a whim for some people, but it is a necessity for many others.

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