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Is A Standing Desk Better Than A Traditional One?

standing desk and sitting desk

There’s been a rise in the number of people doing remote work. While working in a home office is ideal for many, it, unfortunately, leads to you experiencing more back pain. 

People who work from home aren’t the only ones at risk for spinal issues. If you spend a lot of time gaming, there’s a high chance you’ll find your back and neck aching. 

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this issue: A standing desk. 

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is what its name suggests. A standing desk is a desk that’s designed to be used while standing. They generally are adjustable. That means you can adjust them based on your height or convert them into a sitting desk.

Here are the benefits of using a standing desk while you work or during gaming.


Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk


Reduced Back Pain


Several studies have shown that using a standing desk is better for your back. A study by the CDC conducted a 54% reduction in upper back pain after using a standing desk for only four weeks. Another study showed a 34% reduction in lower back pain. 


Reduced Weight Gain

You can burn up to 170  calories by choosing to stand while working or gaming. That adds up to almost 1000 calories a week.

Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease 
Did you know that sitting down increases your risk of heart disease by 147%? A standing desk is a heart-healthy choice.


Reduced Blood Sugar Levels

Standing can reduce your blood sugar spikes by up to 43% when compared to sitting. That means that a standing desk is a smart choice for type 2 diabetics.

Increased Productivity

Working while standing does not hinder you from accomplishing tasks. In fact, a study conducted at a call center saw a productivity increase of  45%.

Types Of Standing Desks

There are several different types of standing desks for you to choose from. Here are your options.

Static Standing-Desk

Static or fixed standing desks are non-adjustable. They are usually built-in with a preset height that is unchangeable. 

Mechanically Adjustable Desk


This type of standing desk is adjustable. However, it has to be positioned manually. That can require a lot of effort. Once you've adjusted your desk perfectly, you won't want to move it because it is difficult to reposition.  

Electrically Adjustable Desks

Unlike a mechanical desk, this desk is adjustable with the push of a button, which means that setting it to the perfect height is incredibly convenient. However, you should note that this type of standing desk tends to be more expensive. The ease of use does, however, make up for the increased price.

Standing Desk Converter 

This desk is the most cost-effective solution, and you can implement it rapidly. You may make use of an existing desk or even a countertop. Only a standing desk converter is needed. It simply sits on top of your desk and adds a standing workstation to your home office.

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