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Standing Desk are Great for all Professionals. Learn Why and Which is the Best !!

Standing Desk are Great for all Professionals. Learn Why and Which is the Best !!

Too many hardworking people live highly sedentary lives, chained to a desk in the seated position all day long while they type away at a computer. Sitting too much has dramatic health consequences, from slowing down the metabolic system to wreaking havoc on the joints and spine. Without movement every thirty minutes or so, you increase the risk of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

A study conducted in 2013 found that office employees who were trained to make ergonomic adjustments at work experienced significant decreases in musculoskeletal symptoms including fewer instances of pain in the low back, neck, knees, and wrists. In addition, sitting for too long reduces productivity levels, leaving you feeling sluggish all day. By getting an ergonomic chair to go with your standing desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing, fully reap the benefits of a standing desk, and lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

It is all too easy to slip into the habit of working from your bed or the sofa, especially during various lockdowns. While working from home may have started out with the best intentions, we're only human and bad habits are easy to start and hard to break.

If you have been working in unconventional positions, or even at a regular desk or table, chances are that your back's already started to complain. Treat yourself to a solid standing desk though and you'll soon reap the benefits. Aside from being kinder to your back, you'll feel more awake and alert, while being healthier in the process – not to mention burning a few more calories throughout the day.

New to the stand-up circuit? Here, we've rounded up a selection of some of the best standing desks to stay productive and save your posture. Before we crack on though, here are a few basic things to know before venturing out with your wallet…

Why do I need a standing desk?

If you spend multiple hours a day sitting in front of a screen, it’s all too easy to slump over into bad-posture territory. This can lead to stiffness, tightness, pain and, in extreme cases, you might even find yourself with more serious problems such as bulging discs. Standing desks help because they encourage better posture while keeping your legs and core engaged throughout the day. Not only that, but they can help keep you focused too, with less chance of napping on the job, as it's less likely you'll get too comfortable or cosy while actively standing up.

Should I stand up all day?

It might make you feel tougher if you manage to stay on your feet for a full eight-hour working day, but the best advice is to alternate between sitting and standing to help avoid the negative effects associated with either. Our bodies are designed for both and staying in any one position for too long isn’t ideal. Switch around as you see fit and you’ll reap the rewards. Just remember to check with a doctor if you have any injuries or underlying problems that might be worth considering before buying one and you’ll be golden.

The best standing desk: Autonomous SmartDesk Core

Autonomous SmartDesk Core is a fully adjustable standing desk with a motorised frame that helps its users stay active at work. SmartDesk Core has a sturdy steel frame, complete with four programmable height settings that users can adjust to suit their needs.

The desk accommodates both seated and standing positions. Its dual-motor system is silent and capable of lifting up to 135 kilograms. The desk is designed as a way of helping users to increase their physical activity by allowing them to switch between a seated and standing position at the touch of a button.


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